LIBBY, Mont. -

No answers for Lincoln County residents about possible asbestos contamination in a local landfill, even after a meeting between the Environmental Protection Agency and Lincoln County Commissioners. We're told the EPA and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality need to come up with an agreement before commissioners can receive an answer.

Troy Commissioner Ron Downey told NBC Montana wood waste at the Troy Landfill used to be burned every six months, but it's remained untouched for the last 3 years. That's when the DEQ raised some flags after finding contaminated bark at a local mine site. Downey said the pile is getting too tall, he fears a lighting strike would set the wood and close power lines on fire.

The EPA letter would confirm that the wood debris in the landfill is not contaminated with asbestos, giving the county more choices on how to dispose of the growing pile.

"It caused us a lot of problems and we can't afford to move it," said Downey. "We're not set up to haul brush."

We're told EPA officials will release their letter to the Lincoln County Commissioners within the next few days.