Nineteen firefighters have resigned at the Bridger Canyon Fire Department in Bozeman. That is the vast majority of the department, leaving behind a handful of firefighters to cover the canyon.

NBC Montana told you this week how the firefighters and chief quit over tensions between them and the board of trustees.

At a Wednesday meeting some residents asked board members to reinstate the former fire chief, while the board and firefighters go through a mediation process. The board members present said they did not think it would be an option.

It was after that statement firefighters began to place their badges on the counter and walk out.

Dean Adams is a Bridger Canyon firefighter who told NBC Montana he supports his fellow firefighters, but will continue to serve his community. Adams told us trustees would not allow Chief Astrom to participate in the mediation process. He said firefighters who continue to support the chief decided they needed to resign.

One board member said he is not interested in entering mediation with the firefighters and he did not think the firefighters who resigned are capable of a team effort.