The South Carolina man rescued from his wrecked car after being pinned for 36 hours up West Ninemile Road got a much needed lift.

His purebred beagle who went missing a couple days before his accident has been found safe.

Soon after NBC Montana's early evening newscast Monday, a Good Samaritan called our newsroom to say they found a dog that sounded a lot like Lee's missing beagle.

Turns out, it was. J. Edgar is safe at Missoula Animal Control.

Shaun Lee confirmed with Animal Control that the beagle was his.

The dog was found at Burger King, in the same area Lee lost him.

"Usually he'll bark and he won't go off with anybody," said Lee. "He'll stay close by, but they say they found him near Burger King, he smelled food or something."

While Lee lay pinned in the rented Chevrolet Impala, J. Edgar met strangers who didn't have a clue what the little beagle's name was. But he didn't need a name to make a good impression.

"This is J. Edgar," said Leslie Hamilton, of Animal Control, as she held the dog. "He is a very nice pup, but he is really ready to go and see his owner Shaun."

Lee is still in the hospital, so the reunion won't be right away.

J. Edgar was curious, but quiet on the lawn at Animal Control. Like beagles do, he's been known to howl.

Lee said when he is reunited with his buddy, J. Edgar will "howl like he's never howled before. He'll know it's me."