Fire officials say the Nimrod Fire, burning east of Missoula between the Beavertail and the Bearmouth area has grown to 600 acres. The fire burned actively throughout Friday night, and on Saturday crews did their best to make use of breaks from winds up to 20 mph.

The fire has stopped at the Dry Gulch Road area on the fire’s east side, and firefighters focused on reinforcing containment lines in that area. A spot fire started near the road, but crews tackled it quickly.

The fire was first spotted on Thursday, August 15. Fire officials say the blaze was reportedly started by a downed power-line. Authorities say the flames have been burning through grass and ponderosa pine, and that rolling, burning logs have contributed to the spread of the fire.

Three 20-person crews are working the blaze. Meanwhile, a “Very High Fire Danger” remains in the Granite County area, where the fire is burning.