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POSTED: 9:59 AM Aug 06 2014   UPDATED: 10:02 AM Aug 01 2014

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Lauren Bradley is a reporter for KECI in Missoula. Lauren graduated from Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism in May 2014.

Lauren lived on the east coast most of her life but is no stranger to Mountain Time as she attended high school in Casper, Wyoming. Lauren interned in the newsroom for ABC in Denver, Colorado and Syracuse, New York. While in school, Lauren traveled abroad to Istanbul, Turkey.

When Lauren isn't working, she likes to travel, run, read and dabble in photography. She is excited to be living in beautiful Montana.

If you have any questions, comments, or story ideas, please email Lauren, find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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Seeley Lake businesses prepare for busy holiday weekend

Many Montana businesses rely on the summer -- especially this holiday weekend -- for revenue. The money they make gets them through the year.

Community Medical Center hiring due to patient increase

For the past six months, Community Medical Center has seen an increase in patients.

Missoula fireworks violators face possibility of a hefty fine

If you get caught setting off fireworks illegally, you could face a hefty penalty.

Additional fire crews to work fireworks shows

Missoula fire crews are preparing for two fireworks shows for the holiday weekend. One will be at the Osprey baseball game Friday night, and there's a large display on the Fourth at Southgate Mall.

Trees need more water in extreme heat

Lawns may turn yellow and brown during the summer heat, but the grass will bounce back when it cools down. It's the trees that suffer permanent damage from a lack of water.

Climate expert says heat wave foreshadows weather years from now

For about two weeks, NBC Montana's First Alert Weather Team tracked this heat wave's every move with record high temperatures in Missoula -- 101 degrees on Saturday and 102 degrees on Sunday. First Alert Chief Meterologist Mark Heyka says temperatures won't get that high again right away, but they'll stay steady.

More rafting means more garbage left near river

People trying to beat the heat are cooling off by taking a dip in the  river. The Missoula Surf Association says more people on the river means a huge increase in garbage, especially beer cans.

Advocates advise elders how to beat the heat

The heat wave has health officials concerned about the elderly population.

Animal control says dogs need shade in backyard

Animal Control Officials say they're getting reports of people leaving their dogs in hot cars.  Animal Control Supervisor Jeff Darrah wants to remind people to not leave dogs in their backyards and in the sun.

Mixed reaction in Montana about same-sex marriage ruling

The American Civil Liberities Union is calling the Supreme's Court decision vindication, but the Montana Family Foundation says the Supreme Court got it wrong.


Missoula Co. Sheriff's Office gets new look

The Missoula County Sheriff's Office is ditching the polyester and wool uniforms for something simpler.

Puppies rescued from abandoned RV to be adopted

Nine puppies and their mom were rescued from an abandoned RV about a month ago on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

Pharmacists warn about hazards of mixing heat and meds

With hot temperatures on the way, it's important to keep your prescriptions out of the heat. Pharmacists tell us most medications are sensitive to heat, sunlight and moisture.

Interactive Insectarium opens in downtown Missoula

Missoula is home to its first and only Insectarium.  The effort to open one started in 2009 when organizers started growing its board and donor base.

Mountain Water

Carlyle Group, defendants appeal Mountain Water condemnation case

We're learning new information about the City of Missoula's lawsuit against the Carlyle Group, the company that owns Mountain Water.