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POSTED: 8:08 AM Jun 10 2012   UPDATED: 3:59 PM May 14 2014
Steve Fetveit

Familiar to thousands of Montana television viewers, Steve Fetveit has enjoyed a long and varied career in Montana broadcasting.

In 2006, Steve was honored by the "Greater Montana Foundation" and the "Montana Broadcasters Association" as Montana's "Television On-Air Broadcasters of the Year". In 2009, the Bonten Media Group awarded Steve a Bonnie Award as the company’s “News Talent of the Year” for 2009.

A graduate of Montana State University, Steve began his career 1972 at what was then Western Broadcasting's KCFW-TV in Kalispell. Through the years, Steve’s career path that took him to KULR-TV in Billings, KECI-TV in Missoula and KOBI-TV in Medford, Oregon. Steve returned to KCFW-TV, Kalispell in 1987 as Station Manager and later became the Local/Regional Sales Manager for the Eagle Communications stations in Missoula, Kalispell, Butte and Bozeman.

Steve has never ventured far from "the buzz" of the newsroom. In September, 2005, he rejoined the NBC Montana team to help provide Montana television viewers with nothing less than the finest television news product available in Montana.

Steve served on the Board of Directors for the Montana Broadcaster's Association including a year as the Board's President. His commitment to the MBA is a source of pride as the organization strives to maintain a strong professional broadcast community for the benefit of Montana viewers and listeners.

Steve and his wife Samantha have six adult children and six grandchildren.

Please email Steve with any questions, comments or story ideas, or find him on Facebook.

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Arson fires leave victims wanting more from prosecutors

In the early morning chill of January 3, Flathead firefighters were on the scene of a fire that threatened to take the landmark Majestic Valley Arena, north of Kalispell, to the ground.  Within hours, investigators claimed the fire was suspicious.

A look back on the first half of the legislative session

Montana lawmakers to revisit old battles

It was a cordial opening to the Montana legislature Monday, as party leaders pledged cooperation and mutual respect. In 2013 the session started the same way but it didn't take long for the fights to begin.

Gov. Bullock pitches legislative agenda

On January 5, when the gavel drops on the opening day of Montana's 64th legislative session, 100 state representatives and 50 state senators will begin the work of charting a course that will take the state through the next two years.


Witness list gives insight into Markus Kaarma's defense

Marcus Kaarma of Missoula admits he shot 17-year-old Diren Dede in the morning hours of April 27, but he says he pulled the trigger out of fear. New court filings give insight into the case Kaarma's defense team is building.

Kaarma still

Accused Missoula shooter has background of achievement

As investigators piece together critical evidence at Markus Kaarma's home in Grant Creek’s Prospect neighborhood, we pieced together background information on the suspect.

Proclamation highlights human trafficking

Missoula Mayor John Engen issued a proclamation today setting December 7 as Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Engen says human trafficking is, "a modern-day slavery that must end."

Vote, election file

Who can vote in midterm elections? Anyone who is registered to vote.

Money talks in Montana Supreme Court race

Montana Supreme Court races don't usually hit the radar of the national media, but that changed this year when political action committees upped the ante by bringing deep pockets to the campaign.

Candidates push to define differences in race for House seat

By now you know the names and faces -- Republican Ryan Zinke is a former Navy SEAL from Whitefish.  He tells viewers America is in trouble and he has the background to lead us on a track to recovery.  John Lewis is a the former state director for Montana Sen. Max Baucus.  He's concerned that Montana's public lands might be sold off to pay for a balanced federal budget and a growing national debt.

DEQ claims Clark Fork Coalition got wastewater facts wrong

When M2 Green bought Smurfit-Stone's Frenchtown mill site, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality transferred a wastewater discharge permit. Now, the DEQ's being sued by several parties, including the Missoula Valley Water Quality District, the Health Department, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and the Clark Fork Coalition.  

Hellgate Elementary

Missoula Hellgate Elementary District to push legislature for new high school

For months, Missoula's Hellgate Elementary School District has been exploring options for expansion.  Five years ago, the district passed a $13 million bond to expand in the face of rising enrollment.  Five years later, the new classrooms are already filled to capacity. Now, rumblings of a new Hellgate District high school are growing louder.

Improvements, attractions greet Northwest Montana Fairgoers

Improvements, attractions greet NW Montana fairgoers

No shortage of fun to be had at the Northwest Montana Fair.

NBC Montana Decision 2014 Election

Montana's U.S. House candidates outline positions on veterans issues

In a political season where all eyes are drawn to Montana's headline-grabbing Senate race, candidates for the state's only seat in the House of Representatives are maneuvering for voter recognition that will set them apart. This week Ryan Zinke and John Lewis set out to do just that. 

The road to the Beartooth Rally

Beartooth ranks 3rd in USA Today's 'Best Rides'

Contributing writers to USA Today nominated 20 of the county's favorite roads for a motorcycle ride. The Beartooth Pass finished 3rd and was the highest ranking road in the western United States.

The road to the Beartooth Rally

Harley Davidson love affair on Montana's high road

Come along for part of our motorcycle ride up Chief Joseph Pass.  It was part of the 20th anniversary of the Beartooth Rally in Red Lodge, Montana.  We'll start at a checkpoint on "Bone Daddy's Poker Run" and proceed to the serpentine road to the top.

Oil fields sending millions of gallons a week through Montana

North Dakota oil fields are booming and millions of barrels of crude oil are headed to market, but refineries are hundreds of miles away, and railroads carrying the oil admit their volatile cargo has become "a threat" to the communities they pass through.