Safety has been a growing concern in the sport of football.  The NCAA and NFL have been adding new rules every year to help protect the players.

In Flathead County, a Creston man is hoping to help out with a new invention of his.

Jim Wegener had an idea

"The light bulb went off," Wegener said.

He says he was actually changing a burnt out light when he thought of a way to make the sport of football more safe for players.

"You put it in the slot and turn it and a spring holds it down and I thought “hmm”, why can't I do that with the latch on a football helmet."

Wegener immediately started sketching ideas for the safety latch.

After talking with a few people and businesses, he decided to bring his product to the customers.

He visited with schools like the University of Montana and his alma mater Kansas State.

From there, the idea took off.

"The response we're getting from high school coaches and universities have been outstanding.  Our main purpose is safety, keep the kids safe.  That's what we're trying to do."

Wegener said he's had offers to have his invention bought out for a lot of money, but he wants to make sure it's done right, because he isn't in it for the money.  Wegener wants to help make football more safe.

"Hopefully when you're watching football this fall, keep an eye out for our latches.  I don't think you'll see a single helmet come flying off, at all."

Wegener begins another road trip to talk with more teams about his safety latch.  He'll be visiting with 30 more teams over 9 days across 5,500 miles.

Wegener said he's also been working with Pee-Wee and Pop-Warner football to create a less expensive latch for their helmets.