SEATTLE, Wash. -

 King County prosecutors have charged a young Las Vegas man arrested near the University of Washington with possessing an incendiary device, two stolen guns and a truck stolen from a man who befriended him in Montana.

In charging documents filed Tuesday in Seattle, prosecutors asked that bail for 22-year-old Justin Jasper be maintained at $2 million, citing what they called "the likelihood the defendant will commit a violent offense."

Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Carew said that when Jasper was arrested in the stolen truck July 3, he was in possession of six homemade firebombs, a double-barreled shotgun, a long rifle with a scope, body armor and multiple knives.

Authorities say Jasper also had maps to three Seattle campuses and a recording in which he said he planned to do something in the West to support protesters demanding reform in Brazil.

Arraignment is set for July 22.