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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin to launch own news channel

Sarah Palin is again going rogue -- this time to the digital world, with the creation of her own online news channel.


U.N. Security Council demands Gaza cease-fire

With more than 1,000 people killed in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting in New York early Monday to push for "an…

raw ground beef closeup

Big Mac shortage in China as scandal-ridden supplier issues recall

There are no Big Macs. There are no Chicken McNuggets. The menu at McDonald's restaurants in China was much slimmer on Monday after a troubled supplier issued…

Gaza residents during Hamas, Israel cease-fire

Israel rejects blame for shelter deaths

The Israeli military denied Sunday that it was responsible for anyone killed last week when a mortar hit the courtyard of a U.N. school that was shelter to…

Man in handcuffs, white collar crime

Aruba releases Venezuelan ex-general

A retired Venezuelan military general was released from custody in Aruba Sunday, days after authorities arrested him there.

Hugo Carvajal appeared beside…

Ukraine Malaysia plane down separatist

2 children among 13 dead in Ukraine fighting

More death and violence were reported in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, as some investigators stood ready but were unable to go to the crash site of Malaysia…

highway patrol police car cop

Carjackers run over, kill 3 siblings

Philadelphia police conducted an around-the-clock manhunt over the weekend for two suspects in a carjacking that left three children dead and their mother in…

Bullets, gun magazine

Judge rules against D.C. handgun ban

A federal judge ruled that Washington, D.C.'s ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional.

Venice Beach lightning strike

Man dead after Venice Beach lightning

A sunny day at California's famed Venice Beach took a dark turn Sunday when one person died and a dozen others were injured after a rare lightning strike.…

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10 vices that are good for you

It's National Milk Chocolate Day. Did you know that chocolate is among 10 vices that can actually be good for you?

Cruise ship night 2

Costa Concordia hauled to final resting place

The Costa Concordia set sail on its final voyage after running aground off the coast of Italy more than two years ago. Look back on the disaster that killed 32 people.

James Garner

Notable deaths of 2014

From legendary actors to fashion designers, take a look at the most notable deaths of 2014.

Lethal injection

History of the death penalty in America

The alleged botched execution of Arizona prison inmate Joseph Wood has put capital punishment -- specifically, the manner in which criminals are executed -- back in the spotlight. Take a look at the history of the death penalty in America.

Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Reasons why Pope Francis is cool

Pope Francis is coming to the U.S. in Sept., to head the eighth World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, according to the National Catholic Reporter. Take a look at the many reasons why Pope Francis is cool.


Happiest/unhappiest U.S. cities

It seems that residents of Louisiana are some of the happiest people in the country, and New Yorkers remain some of the unhappiest, according to a new report. Take a look at the happiest - and unhappiest - U.S. cities.


Terror tunnels Gaza Israel

Israel works to destroy 'terror tunnels'

Israeli forces are targeting underground passages that they say are carrying Hamas soldiers and weapons undetected.

Russian attacks on Ukraine

US: Russian forces firing on Ukraine

The State Department is accusing Russia of directly firing at Ukrainian forces across the border.

White flags on Brooklyn Bridge

Who's behind white flags on Brooklyn Bridge?

Investigators are still trying to figure out who is responsible for raising white flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge last week.

US citizens dead in Middle East conflict

Meet Americans serving in Israeli military

In the ongoing battle in Gaza, Americans are among those serving in the Israeli military. Two Americans have died in the recent conflict.

Canadian flight arrest

Man accused of Canadian flight threat in court

Ali Shahi, the man accused of making threats on a flight from Toronto to Panama City and prompting a SWAT team to storm the plane, appeared in court on Friday. His father says he's tried contacting authorities about his son for years.

Lucy Coffey oldest female WWII vet

Oldest living female WWII vet is 108 years old

The nation's oldest living female World War II veteran, 108-year-old Lucy Coffey, was honored Saturday in Washington D.C. She joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in 1943 just a month shy of her 37th birthday. She served in Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines and Japan.


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