Nansi Cisneros

I was born and raised in Hollywood, California. Went to college as an Animal Husbandry major at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.

After moving from Tahoe to Washington State I landed in Montana in 2001 in the Flathead Lake area and went to work for Lake County Sheriff's Dept, until taking a job as a 911 operator and dispatcher for the West Yellowstone Police Department.

I moved here because I love the snow and we did not get enough in Lake County.

I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. My youngest daughter is at MSU,and my other daughter is in Kalispell and my son lives in Wenatchee, WA.

I have been in law enforcement since 1992, and also have an escrow business. I have always been interested in the weather ever since I was a kid riding my horse in the hills above LA, where there basically is no weather except sun year-around, which gets boring.

I really enjoy the big storms even when hauling water to the horses and shoveling my way out to the truck! West Yellowstone is proving to be a bit more of a challenge weather-wise which makes life exciting. I'll be staying here a while.

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