We talked one-on-one with Courtney McKee, who co-founded Headframe Spirits with her husband.

"To be able to kind of facilitate that process for other people and give them an opportunity to learn from our frustration, and shorten the time to start up- shorten the frustration for them, help them find a better way from concept to doors open means a lot to us," she said. "We appreciate the opportunity."

Mckee said by sharing their story, they hope to inspire others to kick-start a small business and help small business owners tackle big challenges on their way to success.

This is Senator Max Baucus' sixth summit. With him retiring next year, we asked Brown what's next for the summit itself.

He said it's up to Senator Baucus if he wants to continue the summits even while he's not in office. If he does, Brown said the state chamber is on board.