HAVRE, Mont. -

An administrator at Montana State University-Northern testified that the school's former provost touched him inappropriately over a three-year period and that the university retaliated against him after he filed a discrimination complaint.
A hearing officer with the Montana Human Rights Bureau heard testimony last week in Havre from MSU-Northern Dean Randy Bachmeier in his complaint against former Provost Rosalyn Templeton. Some school administrators backed up Bachmeier's claims, while others said Templeton's behavior was not sexual in nature.
Chancellor James Limbaugh said he'd received numerous complains about Templeton's management, but was unaware of Bachmeier's issues with Templeton until he filed a sexual harassment complaint.
Templeton is scheduled to testify next month in Helena.
Bachmeier says after he filed his complaint, a change was made to the provost job description so he couldn't apply.