BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Folks with Montana State University's Voice Center will send out formal invitations to students and student organizations to join their "Not in Our House" task force.

It's a statement to the community that sexual violence of any type is not tolerated at MSU and the student body won't stand for it.

Folks with the Voice Center spoke at MSU's all-fraternity meeting last night. While the "Not in Our House" task force got underway over the summer at the Sexaul Assault summit at MSU, Voice Center representatives tell us there are more folks stepping forward from the community to show their support in light of the recent alleged sexual assaults near campus.

"We have had a renewed discussion about sexual violence here at Montana State and it definitely has brought a lot of people and garnered a lot of effort from people that might not normally be on board or do this work day to day," says MSU Voice Center Prevention and Education Coordinator Joe Schumacher.

Schumacher tells us they've already partnered with ASMSU and all of the fraternities and sororities for the task force but explains everyone is welcome to join from the football team to the Swing Club.

The Voice Center is a confidential service for MSU students and community members, offering support for victims of sexual and domestic violence.