BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Folks with Montana State University say they'll ask the Board of Regents to approve a $60 million in bonds. $35 million would go towards construction of a new 400-bed residence hall for freshmen students.

MSU spokesperson Tracy Ellig tells us it's become an important issue for the university due to 36-percent growth in the number of students wanting to live on campus over the past five years.

Combine that with a 24-percent increase in enrollment and Ellig says they have a full house and could fill a new facility instantly.

"There's a lot of data showing that it's really good for freshmen to live on campus. They have a much higher chance of being successful in their classes and continuing on with their education and getting a degree, so it's not just about housing, it's about helping students be successful," explains Ellig.

$18 million of the bond would go towards renovations for the Miller Dining Hall. It's their largest one and serves three high rises on the west side of campus.

Ellig tells us their equipment is 40 to 60 years old and the building needs to be updated for earthquake standards.

The rest of the bond money will go towards financing to help the university as they make progress in the construction of the new Jabs Hall.