It took 60 students and 100 gallons of paint to give Bozeman's College "M" a fresh coat of paint ahead of homecoming.

We hiked to the top of the "M" to take a look at the progress.

Folks with MSU tell us students built the 250-foot "M" back in 1915.

They say they want the "M" to look fresh for graduates returning for homecoming but explain it's also great way to show the community they care.

"I want the public to see the students out here being engaged, involved with the community and bettering the community that they live in so, for years to come, the college and the community that we all live in have good relations," says MSU Student Body Vice President Lukas Smith.

Next Friday night they'll light up the "M". Organizers tell us it will happen between 9p and 9:30p.