BOZEMAN, Mont. -

One of the next big robotics competitions for MSU students is a year away. However they are already working to raise money to make sure they can compete.

In May, eight MSU students participated in a national Lunabotics Mining competition. This means they have to build a robot that digs up the most simulated lunar dirt. This year the team came in sixth place in digging and won the judges innovation award for design.

We spoke with Michael Edens, the lead adviser for the competition. He shared his thoughts on what he believes it will take to win next years competition.

"Next year the goal is full autonomy. Everybody was still driving with remote control and next year we are aiming for full autonomy. I think that is what it is going to take to win," said Edens.

There is a fund-raising car show event Saturday featuring automotive designer David North. North will be at the event signing 125 limited-edition prints available for purchase for $35.

The event starts at 10 a.m. this Saturday in Bozeman. It will be held at the Planet Bronze Fine Art Gallery.