BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Holiday travel in Montana is expected to decrease with more people driving fewer miles. 

Travel experts at AAA say there could be a slight decrease in Independence Day travel. Transportation officials forecast Americans will travel 50 miles or less from home to their destinations on the up coming holiday.

AAA researchers report gas prices are unlikely to be a factor in the decrease, saying prices have remained below their highs of earlier this year.

Mountainwest AAA says this year, people are less likely to take advantage of the longer holiday period than last year last year, when Independence Day fell on a Wednesday.

People in Bozeman tell NBC Montana they are forced to get in the car and head out. Bozeman drivers tell us staying closer to home is the safest move.

"Well I guess I'd rather not travel on Independence Day, but we will be traveling on Independence Day," said Tim Sagen.

We caught up Ken Hoole in downtown Bozeman, who has been around the City for over 70 years. Hoole says he had no other option but to drive to his destination during the holiday.

"It's a bit dangerous. I would rather not travel on or near Independence Day, but the way things worked out for us -- we really don't have any choice," said Hoole.

Mountainwest AAA says most people will spend time visiting with family and friends, dining and recreating outdoors as their primary holiday activities.