Road crews are focusing on keeping high priority roads clear in Missoula.  Those priority 1 roads, like Broadway, Brooks, Russell, and Reserve, are being cleared constantly. Farther into residential areas the snow is mostly unblemished where private contractors haven't provided their services. The continuing snow on Tuesday meant a whole new layer to scrape off the high priority roads. With limited manpower and resources, even a moderate snowstorm like this takes considerable time to clean up.
In the Rattlesnake, priority 1 routes Duncan and Rattlesnake Drive fared well with regular plowing. The rest of the roads, many priority 2 and 3 routes, remained under a white blanket that grew deeper as the day wore on.
Superintendent of Street Maintenance Brian Hensel told NBC Montana that once the snow stops they will have a two or three days of work ahead.

To see what priority streets are near you, head to the fastlink section here on nbcmontana.com and go to the link "Missoula Snow & Ice Removal."