Special election spending tops $800,000 in just 2 weeks

BILLINGS, Mont. - Candidates vying to replace Republican Ryan Zinke in Congress have already spend more than $800,000 in just two weeks.
Montana voters will pick a new U.S. House representative on May 25. The campaign for the election officially started March 1 when Zinke resigned in order to lead the Department of the Interior.
According to Federal Election Commission data, a super political action committee associated with House Republicans has pledged to spend $700,000 in Montana's special election and has begun running ads against Democrat Rob Quist. Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte has spent more than $100,000 on ads.
Campaigns are only required to report on fundraising efforts twice before the election. On April 25 they will issue quarterly reports and 15 days before the election, campaign committees will have to disclose spending and donations.

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