Audit team questions competency of Ravalli Co. treasurer


MISSOULA, Mont. - New information tonight shows a special audit team trying to straighten out the Ravalli County Treasurer's Office has uncovered evidence of what it says is sloppy work that leads them to question the competency of the appointed treasurer.

County commissioners appointed Valerie Stamey last year. Now she is on paid administrative leave and under fire for not balancing the county's books, depositing its money or cashing its checks.

The auditing firm of Anderson Zurmuehlen sent three reports to Ravalli County officials as they continue to try to sort through bills and books.

In one of the reports, auditors claim they found piles of unfinished work and hundreds of uncashed checks.

One report indicates on the day Stamey was put on leave, workers found more than $952,000 in checks and cash in the office.

You can read the reports for yourself. We have auditor status reports filed February 6, February 14 and March 27.

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