Montana Tech Instructor Lands Biodiesel Patent


BUTTE, Mont. - An instructor at Montana Tech, College of Technology, in Butte recently secured a patent on a new process for producing biodiesel.

Wind energy instructor, John Jackam now has three patents in biodiesel.

The patent is on the process of using chemicals and left over parts of animals after they've been slaughtered to create the fuel.

The dean of the College of Technology, John Garic, said he is proud of Prof. Jackam and his achievements.

"It's a new idea in an area that our country and our world needs and so it's just amazing to me to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. The world needs a lot of people like him to help with our energy hassles, " Garic said.

Jackam is one of three inventors who worked on the patent. He was joined by Joel Pierce of Butte and Jeffrey Jones of Butte.

Seneca Landloard, LLC, a company in Iowa has already licensed the patent and is using it.

The patent was approved January 3rd of this year.

Garic said he believes in the push towards alternative technology and hopes one day the college will offer more programs in alternative energies like biodiesel, solar, and geothermal technology.

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