Montana Tech adds marketing, health information technology options


POSTED: 5:27 PM Sep 30 2013   UPDATED: 5:37 PM Sep 30 2013
Montana Tech adds marketing and health information technology options
BUTTE, Mont. -

Montana Tech recently added two new degrees to its list of programs: marketing and health information technology.

We spoke to professors and students Monday who are involved with the marketing program.

The class of 2014 will graduate its first group of students from the new marketing program.

The school said the demand for marketing and health information technology is growing and students can easily get entry-level jobs.

Tech Assistant Professor Gordy Flanders explained, "Someone's not going to be hiring you typically at 22 years of age to manage a company, but they will hire you to help facilitate advertising campaigns, do market research, develop strategies, work in sales. So in each of those categories, someone can leave Montana Tech with that degree in marketing and immediately find a job within their field."

Tech said adding these options will attract more students, and also help Tech be more of a resource to the community by providing marketing services to local businesses from students and recent graduates.