BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Montana Department of Justice is alerting Montanans yet again about the Grandparents Scam.

This is the one where people call seniors and pose as grandchildren, asking for money.

Officials say the caller rarely says their name and relies on the grandparent to identify him or her. Officials reports many scenarios, but typically the caller will say they are trapped in Europe after trouble with authorities -- and needs bail money.

Charles Pass has worked in the finance industry all his life. Pass told NBC Montana, he has seen how people scam one another. He told us even when traveling out of the County, his eye is always on his bank account.

"No credit card information, no checking car information, none of that stuff you give to nobody," said Pass.

Pass explained most elderly people are not always so keen with new banking technology. He says giving information over the phone is too easy for the older generation because talking on the phone was a primary source of communication.

"I go out of the county five to six times a year, stay gone for a month. I'm connected to my banking, even there," he said.

Hallie Kohler was passing through Bozeman on her way to Big Sky. Kohler talked with us about her grandmother and says it is  appalling what people are doing to the older generation. Kohler suggested grandchildren come up with a secret name to identify themselves to their grandparents.

" A code question or something that they say to their grand-kids just to know it's actually them on the phone," said Kohler.

Pass says growing old is not easy and often times forgetfulness kicks in. He says getting a phone call where you think your loved one is in danger, is stressful and a person can lose their train of thought faster.

"It's much more difficult as you get older because your mind is not working exactly the same way,"explained Pass.  

Pass told us seniors need to know giving out banking information over the phone without asking the right questions -- can make them the victim.

The Montana Department of Justice says never to wire money before checking out the story first. They say once the money has been wired, it is hard to recover.

For more information on the Grandparents Scam, click here.