Mont. wildlife company will defy state, spare bear


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Montana wildlife company says it will defy the state's request that it kill a captive brown bear involved in the fatal mauling of an animal trainer.
Demetri Price, head trainer for Animals of Montana, Inc. near Bozeman, said Saturday the company would challenge any attempt to kill the bear nicknamed Yosemite.
State wildlife officials on Friday requested that Yosemite be killed to protect the safety of the public and employees of Animals of Montana. It's unclear if the state's request - referred to as an order in an earlier report - has legal standing.
Trainer Benjamin Cloutier was killed Nov. 4 while cleaning a cage that held Yosemite and a second bear that was later shot by Price. Price says he believes Yosemite didn't take part in the mauling.

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