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Pumpkin could be here to stay

Pumpkin: Seasonal trend or here to stay?

Orange is the new green. As pumpkin products become more popular each year, some farmers and food critics believe the squash's popularity could be a lasting trend as consumers seek out local, inexpensive foods that are easy to prepare.

Zombie banks threaten eurozone

Zombie banks threaten eurozone

The eurozone is a scary enough place at the moment -- but "zombie banks" could be about to make the things much worse.

Future uncertain for Sony

Future uncertain for electronics giant Sony

Sony's third quarter earnings will be released on Friday. Credit agencies have been moving toward rating the once mighty company's credit rating as junk status, but the company's CEO is doing what he can to turn Sony around.

Zombie, monster, Halloween

The business of zombies (it's booming!)

The undead are giving life to the U.S. economy. Learn more about how the horror genre is taking off.

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