Aleisa Snow is a happy, typical 17-month-old -- she likes her light-up bouncy ball and her mom's smartphone.  But, sadly, Aleisa has neuroblastoma, a type of cancer only found in children.

She has a malignant tumor that consumes 90 percent of her stomach and stretches from her pelvis to her lungs. The cancer has affected her heart, kidneys, stomach, and liver.

Doctors recently told Aleisa's mom, Mishawn Lloyd, that operating wasn't an option because Aleisa would probably bleed out during surgery.

In her first year of life, Aleisa was sick and visited the ER many times. It wasn't until this May, when she swallowed a penny, that doctors realized something was very wrong.

Aleisa travels with her family to Washington state several times each month for chemotherapy and radiation. For day-to-day check-ups, Aleisa visits Mineral County Community Hospital in Superior.

So far, chemotherapy isn't working. Her chance of survival right now is 21 percent. Her case is nearly considered Stage 4.

Her parents have tried fundraising on their own with little luck. Aleisa's mother, Mishawn Lloyd, says she is running out of time and options. 

There are several ways to help Aleisa. There is an account called "Aleisa A. Snow Donation Account" at Wells Fargo, a GiveForward.com account here, and her Facebook page here.