We have some sad news for movie-goers.  Missoula’s long-time movie theater, the Carmike 6, has closed its doors for good.  

“That's a shame because I hate to see any business close because of loss of jobs and loss of opportunity,” says Polson resident Jim Glanz.  “It just might be another vacant building sitting there for a long period of time.”

Now movie-goers like Glanz only have one Missoula movie theater that screens major studio releases like 'The Hobbit,' and 'Thor;’ that's the Carmike 12 on North Reserve.

“Carmike's not going to lose any business as a corporation because the people that were going down there are coming here,” says Glanz.   

Glanz says between the Carmike 6 and 12 he would usually catch a movie at the Carmike 12 because they have a bigger variety of show times throughout the day.

“The folks that work here are very friendly and congenial and they get along with us very well,” Glanz tells us.    

But he tells NBC Montana he worries about how busy the Carmike 12 may soon become.

“It might make it rough on the rest of us looking for seats like for 'The Hobbit,'” says Glanz.  “This showing probably should be packed and that's why we're here about 45 minutes early.”  

For others the loss of the Carmike 6 theater will go unnoticed.  Missoula movie-goer Laurence Kenney tells me he always chose Carmike 12 over 6 because he likes the larger venue.
“I'm indifferent towards it because I always come here to see movies anyways,” says Kenney.  “They've got the Big-D and the 3D so that's something that the Carmike 6 has always been lacking.  

As for Glanz, he says he's just glad Missoula's largest movie theater is here to suit his movie needs.

“You've got theatre going on here from the morning until late at night so take advantage of that, plus not the mention the big popcorn bucket,” Glanz chuckles.  

NBC Montana reached out to Carmike Cinema's corporate office but we did not hear back from them by Friday night.