NBC Montana went to the streets to get as much diversified perspective on the government shutdown as possible. Here's what we heard.

From elementary school teacher Taryn Sherbo, "If anything, it solidified the turmoil our county is going through."

Her husband, Zach Sherbo, who works in campus recreation at the University of Montana, said, "No matter what the issue is, they choose one side to vote and that's where I don't have trust in one party or the other."

"Our decisions putting them into places of power," said Hayden Ferguson, "places of voice for us, haven't really done anything for us."

Military veteran Tony Heath said, "It's put a huge smash on the guys who defended our nation."

Speech and language pathologist Karen Gideon said, "I just see the stress that families go through with their children, and it's just another stress that doesn't need to happen."

"I get less trust every year," said St. Ignatius rancher, Howard Nuernberger, "because they just don't want to cooperate at all anymore."

University of Montana pre-law freshman, Emily Templeton, said, "We're expected to take a role in the global economy and we're just showing now that we're not worthy of that. If we can't keep our own government running how are we supposed to assist other governments?"