If they haven't already, teenagers will soon start pouring into the summer job market.

Indications are we're moving out of the recession, so there is more work available.

Still, teens are struggling.

Taco Bell hosted a job forum at Willard Alternative High School.

Jordan Buyce works for Taco Bell Reserve in Missoula.

The restaurant, in an effort to reduce Montana's teen unemployment rate, is on a campaign to talk to high school kids about job prospects.

"We want to get these jobs while they're young so they can develop and they know what having a job means," said Buyce.

High school student Brandon Hernandez is fresh to the market.

"I'm really determined to get a job since I'm already 18, and I'm just really excited to get myself out there,"said the job seeker.

"It looks better than last year," said Missoula Job Service director, Wolf Ametsbichler."There are jobs out there. It's still not gangbusters."

Ametsbichler thinks the market is healthy enough that go- getters should get a job.

But it is competitive. He said the Job Service will sit down with you one on one to help craft a good resume.

"We also do practice interviews," said Ametsbichler, "and we usually have two or three of our staff sit down with someone and actually go through a normal interview."

The Job Service offers services at no charge.

At 16, Julie Vasilenko already has a job history.

She learned you have to get along with a variety of people, and never gave up.

"You just keep applying and they don't really call you," said the Willard student, "You have to call them."

Directv in Missoula is an option for young people who want more than a summer job.

It offers an intensive training program and hires 18 to 24 people every two weeks.

"We hope to get a commitment in return," said Directv's Don Malerk, "and actually get people to have a career."

The company hires both full and part time.

Quite a few students work here.

"They  would go ahead and work full time in the summer," said Directv's Tracy Scott."We can offer that and then we'd be more than happy to work with their schedule during the school year."

Jiffy Lubes in Missoula should  add as many as four new workers.

The East Broadway location service manager started with Jiffy as a teenager.