Missoula residents react to government shutdown


POSTED: 10:43 PM Sep 30 2013
Missoula residents react to government shutdown

NBC Montana wanted to see how people in Montana are reacting to the government shutdown.

People we talked to say they're frustrated that the Affordable Health Care Act is being used as a bargaining chip and they want lawmakers to focus on keeping the government running, while others say the government shutdown could be beneficial.

Missoula resident Dennis Curtis lived through government shutdowns before, and he believes this time around it could be a big wake up call for lawmakers.

“We really need a shutdown and we need a shutdown for months,” says Curtis.  “How long are we going to continue to borrow from China and Japan and all of these other countries because we just can't do it? We're going to collapse this country.”

Curtis says he thinks several months of government shutdown would remind politicians that they were put into office by the people, so they need to focus on the interests of those people and he says over-spending isn't one of them.

“Congress should learn that we just can't be over-spending budgets,” says Curtis.

Missoula resident Derrick Louden says that overall a government shutdown wouldn't solve America’s debt problem.

“I don't think it'll make anything better,” says Louden.  “It would affect everyone adversely and it wouldn't make anyone feel any better and it certainly would not fix any of the problems that we have.”

Overall, after speaking to about a dozen people, the main feeling they conveyed to NBC Montana is frustration that two groups can't compromise for the greater good.