Back in May the Missoula City Council narrowly voted to allow accessory dwelling units, or granny flats, in single family districts.

That came after a number of people voiced that ADU's could negatively impact neighborhoods.

NBC Montana wanted to check back in with council members to find out how many residents have asked for an ADU permits in the last 5 months - turns out only one person has asked council to approve their building plans.

Sunday afternoon we caught up with council member Bob Jaffe who says looking back at the issue and the number of meetings council held about ADU's he's surprised the topic was ever so controversial.

“It hasn't played out as such a dramatic issue and as most of us knew that it wouldn't,” he told us.  “This is a choice that we felt people should have and it's an important option but it's certainly not the sort of thing that everybody is going to want to go ahead and build.”

Jaffe tells us one other Missoula resident has informed council they will be bringing forth building plans for an ADU as well, so Jaffe wants to remind the public that permits for ADU’s must be approved by council members; if they it’s a no-go then the unit will not be allowed.

Council members will review the new ADU request at the Missoula City Council meeting this Monday at 7:00 p.m.