In January the Montana Department of Corrections changed its lethal injection procedure making Montana the only state in the country to use a two-drug procedure.

Now one Missoula group says the new procedure is not only unconstitutional but that it creates risks for prisoners.

Anna Conley, an attorney for the group ACLU of Montana, says the current procedure is unconstitutional under both U.S. and Montana constitutions.

ACLU of Montana wants the Montana Department of Corrections to use a one-drug protocol which Conley says is standard in most states.

“A two-drug protocol is kind of the worst of all worlds and most states are going to a one-drug protocol because the same drug renders you unconscious and kills you,” said Conley.  “This is opposed to having one drug that may or may not render you unconscious and then the second drug that actually kills you.”

Conley tells NBC Montana the new protocol also fails to specify which two drugs will be used and she says the new two-drug protocol is unscientific and untested.

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