Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies are putting the word out that a letter has been sent out to residents that may be part of a scam. According to deputies, the letter, which has the word “American” at the top of it, is actually an attempt for a marketing company to gain customers for a travel agency that sells time-shares.

NBC Montana called the number listed on one of the letters, and a woman at the other end of the line said that the letters are not part of a scam, and they are trying to spread word of mouth for travel agencies.

Sheriff’s investigators say a travel agency was set to host a “conference” at the Best Western Hotel on Grant Creek in Missoula. Authorities say that Best Western cancelled the conference after learning about deputies’ work on the matter.

According to a the Sheriff’s office, a deputy called a number on the letter, and  a customer service agency would not say the name of the agency awarding the tickets, and that she became hostile, and disconnected when it was learned that she was on the phone with law enforcement.

According to deputies, the letter claims to award qualified people with discounted plane tickets, but it actually sends people to a time-share sales presentation, in which a credit card must be presented before a 90-minute pitch takes place.

“Of course you’re excited, you think you just won something,” said Christine Migneault, one of the Missoula-area residents who received the letter.

“We’re the average income, probably considered poverty level, like most people are here in Missoula, and when you see something like that you get pretty excited,” said Migneault.