Protests against Walmart have become an annual event on Black Friday.

Demonstrators all over the country gathered at Walmart to pass out fliers. They are calling for better wages and conditions for workers.

At the Brooks Street Walmart in Missoula, demonstrators had visible real estate to get their message across. The intersection from Walmart to Miller Creek had steady traffic.

Activists said Walmart doesn't pay its workers an adequate wage.

They said communities boost Walmart's presence, often with tax incentives, but don't get what they pay for.

"It's done in the name of jobs," said David Snively, "but in many cases they jobs that come in are low-wage."

We talked with a woman who has family working at Walmart. She said there's health insurance, profit sharing and job discounts.

"Walmart has been very good to our family," said Autumn Speicer. "We had a house fire, they just handed us a $400 gift card."

Demonstrators said Walmart is bad for family owned, independent business.

"It's what erodes a lot of local business," said Chad Bishop.

But many customers said when every penny counts Walmart offers good deals.

"I can shop within my budget," said Daryl Patch.

Demonstrators passed out hundreds of fliers.