On Friday night, a Missoula mother, her two kids and their young friend were found by that friend’s father after they became stuck for several days off a remote road on a camping trip. Rhonda McCall had been traveling with 10-year old Kaleb McCall and 8-year old Victoria McCall, as well as 10-year old McKenzy Woods. They had been missing since Saturday, August 10.

Woods had been helping in the search for the family, and eventually, decided to go down a new road in Clinton's Shwartz Creek area. He saw something shiny, and honked, and then noticed the missing group.

The kids told NBC Montana that they picked huckleberries, and it helped them stay hydrated. Rhonda’s family tells NBC Montana Rhonda stopped drinking from the few gallons of water they had a few days into the 6-day ordeal, to save the water for the kids. Luckily, the group had medication and food with them as well.

Rhonda’s family says she had gone up a road, tried to turn around, and that the dirt gave out from under her truck. There was a creek nearby, but the terrain was rugged, making it relatively inaccessible.

“We slept for the first time in days last night, after she got home…We couldn’t be prouder on how she handled herself, how the children handled themselves,” said Rhonda’s brother-in-law Troy Fisher.