BOZEMAN, Mont. -

As of Thursday afternoon, the four fires in the Miner Paradise Complex had chewed through more than 11,000 acres. The latest information released just after 5 p.m. Thursday shows good progress and a quiet day on the fire lines.

With so many resources on scene day in and day out at the complex we wanted to get the facts for you on just how much this has cost so far.

We spoke to John Thompson. He is the Deputy Incident Commander at the Miner Paradise Complex fire camp.  He says so far the estimated cost for this blaze is $1.7 million.

"Aircraft costs are going to be the biggest piece of the pie in the whole pie of costs. Portions of the fire are very inaccessible and aircraft are going to be needed," said Thompson.

The next biggest cost is personnel. We met with Karen Tuscano at the fire camp. She is an information officer working the complex. The cost for the 88 people in the camp totals about $60,000 a day. That does not cover things like food, somewhere to clean up, and somewhere to rest your head after a long day.

Fire managers say they will not be able to put a final cost on the blaze until it snows.

"It will be in the millions of dollars to manage this complex until the snow flies," said Thompson.