'Men Can Stop Rape' Visits University Of Montana


MISSOULA, Mont. - A national nonprofit called Men Can Stop Rape says if the University of Montana wants to stop sexual assaults, male students need to learn how to help.

The group is holding a two-day seminar at the University of Montana. Organizers say they were pleased with the turnout at the first session Thursday. About 80 people, half of them men, attended classes on violence prevention and intervention training.

"Men have to be better involved in preventing sexual assault. Men have to step up, we have to say something, we have to prevent action. We have to stop sexual assault when we see it because for too long, we haven't been doing that," said instructor Joseph Vess.

Friday?s session includes a class for university faculty on how to integrate rape prevention education into school curriculum.

Click here for a link to Friday?s schedule.

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