BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The following is a press release from the Office of Chris Mehl:

Saying that he will focus on three issues: economic growth, quality of life, and maintaining the public trust; Chris Mehl today announced he will run for re-election as a  Bozeman City Commissioner during this fall’s elections.  
“My top three priorities, as they were four years ago, are managing taxpayers’ money wisely, ensuring public safety and reliable core government services, and supporting economic growth and a high quality of life for Bozeman,” noted Mehl.  “As a City Commissioner I will continue to focus on these important issues—a triple bottom line—to help ensure that Bozeman remains a great place to live and work.”
Mehl has worked professionally and volunteered in public service for more than two decades.  He works as the Policy Director at Headwaters Economics, a Bozeman-based independent research group, which partners with communities and agencies from across the West to promote economic growth.  
“Today Bozeman is a premier city in the Rockies,” Mehl added.  “The high quality and things we like about Bozeman—our schools, safe neighborhoods, natural amenities, strong infrastructure, and vibrant downtown—set us apart from other communities and give us a competitive advantage.”
“To keep Bozeman healthy and prosperous, we need a strong City Commission.  That’s why I’m running for re-election.  Bozeman is doing well but we cannot take it for granted.  Building on our high quality of life will benefit Bozeman for today and for the long term.”
Mehl highlighted passage of the parks and trails bond last November as one of his proudest accomplishments.  “Working together, the community overwhelmingly supported this effort that will protect our water quality, improve our trails, and expand our parks as part of important investments for our quality of life, for our families, and for our businesses,” Mehl noted.  
Before becoming a Commissioner four years ago, Mehl volunteered as President of the Library Foundation during its successful campaign to raise $6 million in private donations for the new Library—transforming a polluted, abandoned lot into a vibrant learning center and anchor of East Main Street.  He also served on the Bozeman Planning Board and was on the Economic Growth Policy board that set economic guidelines and goals for Bozeman.  Mehl is a member of the Bozeman Sunrise Rotary.
“Economists and other experts increasingly believe that high quality is essential for long-term economic growth,” continued Mehl.  “Whether it’s housing, an unspoiled environment, superior schools, or infrastructure such as regional airports—Bozeman’s high quality of life sets it apart from other communities and allows it to excel in retaining and attracting new businesses, investments, and jobs.”
Chris is married to Laura who he met in Bozeman.