BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Montana Department of Transportation could raise the speed limit on one of the major roads commuters travel between Bozeman and Belgrade. Right now the speed limit on most of Valley Center Road is 45 miles per hour. A study requested by Gallatin County commissioners and done by MDT recommends that speed limit should be raised to 50 miles per hour.

We spoke to motorist and residents who were divided on whether the speed limit should go up or remain the same. Monday morning we were out at Valley Center Road for five minutes when Betty Robinson flagged us down.

"It's very difficult to stay at 45 miles an hour," said Robinson.

She has lived in the Valley Grove neighborhood for eight years and feels 45 miles and hour is just too slow.

"There is a lot of police and sheriffs on this road frequently, and it is constantly on your mind," said Robinson.

We also spoke to Ernie Haglund. He lives in the same neighborhood as Robinson, but feels completely differently.

"There is a lot of residential access and a lot of people that live along this section of road," said Haglund.

We also spoke with Gallatin County Commissioner Joe Skinner. He was one of the commissioners who requested this study.

"For me driving that road, which I do, I drive home a lot on that road. It seems inappropriately slow," said Skinner.

He thinks the speed limit should be raised to 55 miles an hour, 5 miles above what MDT recommended in the study.

However Skinner says a lot of the mail coming in is not in favor of those changes.

"Most of them were for not raising the speed limit," said Skinner.

In the end, commissioners do not have the final say -- "That is for the department of transportation to decide, we don't make that decision," said Skinner

The Montana Department of Transportation commission will meet on October 31 in Helena, and could decide on a new speed limit for Valley Center Road.