Missoula, MT -

Missoula County Public Schools and the Missoula Education Association (MEA), the union which represents approximately 670 certified educators in the District, have tentatively reached a one-year bargaining agreement.

Here is a copy of the news release issued Tuesday:

"The agreement is contingent on ratification by MEA members and by the District’s Board of Trustees. Union members will likely vote on the agreement sometime next week, and the Board of Trustees would likely consider approval of the agreement at its regular monthly meeting on June 11.


Under the one-year agreement, bargaining unit members will receive a three percent increase in base salary for the 2013-14 contract year which begins July 1. Educators who are eligible for increases in salary based on the “steps and lanes” matrix (teachers change salary lanes after completing additional education/college credits and steps for their years of experience) will also receive increases as outlined in the matrix.


There is no change this coming contract year to employees’ monthly health insurance premiums or to the District’s monthly contribution (per employee) for health insurance benefits. 


Steve McHugh, director of human resources and labor relations, said, “we are pleased to have reached this agreement. We believe it is fair and reasonable for both sides, and we look forward to working with our educators to have a productive 2013-14 school year.” 


Gary Stein, acting MEA president, said, “On behalf of the entire MEA negotiating team, we thank the MCPS bargaining team for their collaborative effort, and their willingness to consider some creative changes to address a variety of working conditions.”