A Kalispell man accused of shooting his wife several times in the stomach appeared in Justice Court Wednesday afternoon.

39-year-old Steven Michael Foley was arrested Monday evening for attempted homicide on his own wife.

We dug through court documents and found prosecutors claim Steve Michael Foley called his ex-wife and told her that he shot his current wife, Jodi Stimson-Foley.

Steven Foley's ex wife Beth then reportedly called authorities.

Jodi Stimson-Foley still in the hospital recovering, as she successfully underwent multiple surgeries on Tuesday.

The judge set the bail for Foley at $150,000, along with a long list of conditions he would have to abide by if he did get out on bail.  Foley would be ordered to make contact with his attorney often, banned from casinos, liquor stores, or any store where alcohol is a primary item being sold, and he would not allowed to be in possession of any type of firearm.

He's set to appear in district court on September 5.