A man pleaded guilty to charges for shooting an East Missoula store clerk just over a year ago.

Christopher Lee Burch pleaded guilty to attempted deliberate homicide and felony robbery in Missoula County District Court Wednesday.

Last September Burch was arrested after prosecutors say he went in to Ole's in East Missoula and shot the store clerk, 21-year-old Adam Gallegos.

Burch does not have a plea agreement with prosecutors so it will be up to District Court Judge Ed McLean to decide on a sentence.

Earlier this year McLean sentenced the getaway driver in the case, Preston James Hanna to 20 years in the Montana State Prison.

Gallegos is confident the judge will hand down an appropriate sentence for Burch.

"Judge McLean...has done some good things to not only myself but the community that was affected by the shooting," Gallegos said after Wednesday's hearing.

A three hour sentencing hearing is scheduled for December; multiple witnesses are expected to testify.