A 35-year-old Billings man charged with shooting another man to death early Sunday said he went to confront the victim over a pit pull puppy and a gun he believed the victim had stolen.
Justice of the Peace Larry Herman set bail at $500,000 Tuesday for Mahpevana-Hane (mah-puh-VON'-uh-Hayne) Lorne Bearcomesout. He is charged with deliberate homicide in the death of 32-year-old Misael Santiago.
Charging documents say Bearcomesout told officers he went to confront Santiago about the gun and puppy. Bearcomesout said Santiago walked by him and said: "I thought you were here to kill me."
Bearcomesout said he chambered a round in his pistol and Santiago turned to face him. Bearcomesout said he believed Santiago was reaching for a weapon and shot him.
Prosecutors say Bearcomesout told investigators he did not see a weapon.