Lorie Phelps

I have lived in Montana for 15 years this April, I was born and raised in California. I moved to Montana when my sister and her family decided to move here, I hated Cali and wanted my son to grow up in a better environment. My son Zack is now 22 years old.

I have gotten more fascinated with weather since I moved to Montana. I love taking pictures of the sky or horizon, the different colors you get. You can never get the same picture daily, conditions are always changing. The backdrop that the mountains and rivers and lakes give to weather condition pictures is amazing. I have gotten a better appreciation for what we have gotten from Jehovah, the beauty around us.

I enjoy the seasons we have here. Spring everything is turning green, the weather is a little unpredictable, Summer when all is in full bloom, sunny days and awesome sunsets, Fall the changing of the Larch trees in the Nine Mile Valley, that is one of my favorites, seeing the bright yellow against the green, with a blue sky, definitely worth a drive up Nile Mile road. Then there is Winter- I hate driving in the snow, but I love the snow, if only it could stay off the roads. It truly transforms the landscape around us, can make the ugly look beautiful.

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