LOLO, Mont. -

The Lolo man who dreamed of a destination ski resort on his family's historic ranch hasn't given up.

The Maclay ranch was foreclosed on, and is now in possession of an agricultural investment company. But Tom Maclay's still trying to get his vision of a ski run off the ground.

For years, Maclay tried to get a ski resort on Lolo Peak.

Even though he lost  his family homestead, and the planned base for the proposed resort, he's asking again.

The ski area would be built on both the Bitterroot and Lolo National Forests. The Forest Service has turned Maclay's request down twice before. This time, the base would be installed on the National Forest.

Maclay has already carved out runs on the ranch.

In past decisions, the Forest Service said the area is incompatible with land use plans. Still, in its review, the Forest Service would start from the beginning, reviewing criteria.

"Things like consistencies with the forest plan," said Lolo National Forest spokesman Boyd Hartwig. "Then we move to step 2, things like technical and financial capability to actually build and implement and operate."

Hartwig said the Forest Service still has limited information on the plan. He said what it now has are draft documents.