Logjam on Flathead River has authorities concerned


POSTED: 8:42 PM Jul 17 2013   UPDATED: 8:51 PM Jul 17 2013

A log jam on the Flathead River ha sparked three emergency calls in just the last two weeks.  Rescue teams are worried about people getting stuck in this mess because they're using pool toys or tubes and can't steer clear.

Flathead Search and Rescue Director Brian Heino tells NBC Montana pool toys and floating devices aren't safe on a river.

"I think a lot of it is we've had a very warm summer this year, people are trying to cool off,” said Heino.  “They're trying to recreate and have fun out here, which is a great opportunity, we live in a beautiful spot, but part of that has to come with anything else we do we need to have that knowledge base and maybe the ability and equipment to be safe at what we're doing."

Heino wants to remind people that if you are stuck in a logjam or need help out on the river, to immediately call 911.