World Cup winner returns home, gives back


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A freestyle mogul skier is back home in Bozeman after winning two World Cups this year, one in Finland and another in Austria.
Former gymnast and Bozeman native Heather McPhie tells us she won with her "D-Spin", a trick she says she's been working hard to perfect.
Fans and old friends waited in line to get McPhie's autograph at Bridger Bowl, Saturday.
We talked to some young fans who tell us, they're proud to see a Bozeman skier doing so well.
They say McPhie is an inspiration to them.

"We have a chance to be that good if we really set our minds to it and we want to be that good," says Bozeman resident and skier Louis Luckay.
McPhie says she's excited to be back home and that she's able to refuel in Bozeman.
She tells us she is grateful for the Bozeman community and all the support it has shown her through the years.
McPhie says she appreciates having grown up in such a quiet and peaceful town where folks are down to earth and that through all of her competitions, she's always remembered her roots.
Now, McPhie says she wants to do everything she can to give back to Bozeman.  

"To inspire a kid to push harder or go for their dreams and I don't care what it's in, it doesn't have to be sports.  It could be any sport, it could be academics, whatever they want.  I just want people to push themselves and follow their dreams and I think the world will be a better place for it," says McPhie.

McPhie is a member of the U.S. Ski Team and won first place in the U.S. National Championships this year.

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