Windshield vandalism reported in Bozeman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Police are investigating broken automobile windows reported on Bozeman's west side. NBC Montana also told you about homes being hit by paint balls earlier this week.

The incidents occurred near the corner of Meagher Avenue and Annie Street

NBC Montana visited a local glass repair shop to learn the details behind replacing a car's windshield. The process of extracting a broken windshield and installing a new one can cost anywhere between $175 and $300.

Austin Evans at Glass Doctor tells us the process, which normally takes about a day, can be held up when the amount of vandalism increases.

"Last summer there was a string of vandalism from Belgrade that, you know, it backed us all up. But luckily we had a lot of people step up and take care of a lot of those people," Evans recalls.

Evans tells us many comprehensive auto insurance programs in Montana cover windshield replacement.

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