Wilderness course helps people prepare for backcountry danger


Wilderness course helps people prepare for backcountry danger

BOZEMAN, Mont. - It is a class taught around the world and comes to Bozeman just twice a year. The wilderness first aid course takes you through real life scenarios of broken arms, legs and other injuries. It is all in an effort to help you prepare for potential danger in the backcountry.

On Sunday afternoon, Lena Conlan lead a class of 14 people who want to be prepared for the worst in the wilderness. Conlan is the lead instructor for the wilderness first aid course.

"People like to be in the great outdoors and we dont have great cell phone coverage here so its not unusual that you are in an area where you can't call for help," said Conlan.

Conlan teaches 20 courses just like this every year across the U.S. and in countries like Germany and England. This two day course gets people to play rescuers and patients, simulating situations like broken limbs.

We found one participant who has been looking to take this course for a while. Johanne Lebeau has lived in Bozeman for 14 years and knows these skills she learned over the weekend are vital.

"I like to hike and I wanted to know what to do in case of an event that turns not to be the way it is suppsed to be. If we sprain an ankle we have learned how to tape it to stabilize it so we can keep walking on it," said Lebeau.

These lessons are ones Conlan says will give people confidence when recreating in the backcountry.

"The first few minutes are really really important because that could be life or death," said Conlan.

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