Whitehall hosts town forum about uranium in water

WHITEHALL, Mont. - The town of Whitehall hosted a public forum  Monday night with engineers and officials from the Department of Environmental Quality to discuss the uranium in the water supply.

It appears officials have a bit of a plan in place.  Currently the town uses two different wells to get their water.  We are told the town has nine wells to choose from, and they will be testing those wells for uranium in the future to see if they are safe to drink from.

The board also mentioned the possibility of drilling a whole new well.

Uranium fact sheets were handed out to each person in attendance.  One thing pointed it was that it would take a person drinking a little over a half gallon of the affected water a day for 70 years for it to negatively affect their body.

"I am glad we finally had a meeting about it to clear up a few issues.  We are the only city in Montana that is having this problem, and we have some good alternatives to try and get it fixed," said Whitehall resident Norm Jenson.

"We want to proceed as quickly as we can even though it’s not an immediate danger to people.  There is no acute problem with the water as it is, but we want to proceed as quickly as we can to get the water as best as we can," said DEQ bureau chief Jon Dillard.

Officials say there will be frequent progress meetings as more developments are made.

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